More BSQ blocks

Crikey.  I’ll never keep these organized at this rate.  I had this great idea that I would have one blog post per block like I’ve done with the Splendid Sampler but I didn’t keep them straight in what order I did them.  To add to that, I’m not sewing them in numerical order, alphabetical order, or row order so it’s a challenge to figure out what ones I’ve posted and what ones I’ve finished but haven’t posted.

And those aren’t even all of the ones I’ve finished.  I have more that I’ve taken photos of but haven’t uploaded them to WordPress yet.  My organization skills are lacking these past couple of weeks apparently!

img_0178I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed some time with family and/or friends. I ended up giving 2 Christmas stockings as gifts and then gave everyone (I think it was 12 people) a pillow case that I had made.  I surprised everyone (except my husband who was in on the deal) with 3 quilts for the youngest in the group. I did give out some non-sewing presents but that’s not as exciting!

I also received some fantastic quilting related presents as well – fabric, fabric, and more fabric.  And thread, thread and more thread.   Those are 2 things I can always use!  I’m pretty sure I have enough to keep me busy – seriously – through the middle of summer.

img_0293I don’t always make a resolution for the new year and I’m not always apt to keep it when I do.  But on my list is to use my dslr camera more.  I get into a habit of picking up my cell phone because it’s quick and convenient but it seems silly to have a real camera and not use it at least on occasion.  I was playing with it earlier this week and caught a shot of rain bands on the horizon.

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  1. Wonderful and I doubt you are as disorganized as you say – it took a lot of incredible organizational skills and commitment to get all those gifts down for the holidays!!! 🙂

  2. Those 3 quilts are priceless! I did buy myself a real camera. but a cheap one. But need to make myself read the manual!!

  3. Beautiful horizon photo!

  4. You can always use more fabric!
    I absolutely love the colours in that first block. Seriously it might be my favourite quilt block ever! Haha.

  5. Deb says:

    Fabric and thread are such delightful words,even more so when one receives them as a gift! Keep the blocks rolling ,they are fun to view. 😄

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