Block 93 – Tiny Miracles

20170121_171926.jpgHave you ever had one of those times when you think “I’m gonna get so much stuff done!  My slate is clean and I’m going to sew all day!“.  Let’s see…well I slept late.  Then I had an unexpected phone call first thing.  Then I joined a webinar that got a bit of a late start and went later than I thought.  By now I was 30 minutes behind where I thought I would be.  I had another call that ran long.  And then the epic phone call turned into video chat that pretty much said goodbye to my afternoon.  It’s dinner time now and I suppose it’s nothing short of a miracle that I have a block finished to show you.  All I know is I thought I would have 2 or 3 done but not today.  And I accidentally had a tuck in my fabric so I see a spot where the seam ripper will be working on but for now…I’m calling it a day.  Whew!

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  1. Yes, days like this remind us what’s important! Sometimes it’s good to take a break! Nice patriotic colors!

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    1. Thank you! And yikes – I just realized I’m way behind in reading comments!


  2. norma says:

    You did well – life eh?

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    1. Thanks! I got a lot more done today so it was a win overall for the weekend.

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  3. PaperPuff says:

    Loads of days are like that. But you still achieved something very pretty, right?

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    1. That’s true! And I made up for it today and got plenty done.

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      1. PaperPuff says:


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  4. kathyreeves says:

    Maybe tomorrow afternoon will go better! I didn’t get much done myself…this same block seemed to take all day, partly because I kept leaving it to go do something else. But hey, we are caught up until tomorrow morning!

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    1. I had to go check just now to see if 94 was posted early – it’s not. I can’t believe we’re this close to the end!

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      1. kathyreeves says:

        It’s an easy one, so that’s good for me this week!

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        1. Same here! I’ll say it now – I’m scared about what Jane has planned for her last block. Hers have really been challenging…but in a good way.


  5. Some days are like that.


  6. Amanda G says:

    Love this block!

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    1. Thank you! She has a great story behind it too.


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