Block 94 – Skyscrapers

20170122_094338.jpgI learned my lesson from the other day – I’m getting ready to hand sew around the edges of this one.  This was a really quick block which worked out well since that left me plenty of time to work on several things today.

I used a pale blue fabric for the background.  Every time I pass through downtown Dallas, Houston and so forth it always seems to be via an elevated freeway where all I see is the sky and not the ground so I thought it was more accurate this way.  Speaking of tall buildings, I’m glad I wasn’t in one of these today.  We had wind gusts up to 50mph!  I had trash cans, chairs and I thought roughly a bazillion leaves end up in our pool today as a result.

20170122_110019.jpgI also had time to sew a couple of more blocks for the Bible sampler quilt. Oh, that reminds me, Louisa Enright had asked about my progress on Bible sampler quilt blocks.  The first one I made was pretty easy. It’s actually 3 different fabrics – the light one obviously and then 2 darker ones.  I went with a subtle contrast between the 2.  Both of the darker fabrics are from the solar system quilt I made last year.

I typically cut pieces in squares or rectangles when I’m paper piecing but  since I have a die for 2″ half square triangles I went ahead and used that.  And yes, I did paper piece even though I easily could have just sewn this one as regular patchwork.

20170122_192044.jpgThis second block – whew!  I think it took me a good 2-3 hours.  It actually wasn’t difficult, there were just a whole lot of pieces.  I think I counted 61 pieces in this one.

If you ever buy her book and look this one up, I don’t think you’ll recognize this block.  The colors in here are probably the biggest departure from what Laurie used that I’ve done so far.

I can’t believe we’re down to just 6 Splendid Sampler blocks left.  That’s just 3 weeks!


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  1. norma says:

    Like the skyscraper block.
    We often get high winds – the dustbin gets attached to the fence or it would be gone forever.

  2. admcmasters says:

    The background for the tall buildings looks exactly right and strangely enough, the fabrics for the buildings work just right too. You would think you planned it that way. The last block is an interesting one that I haven’t seen before. I might make one like it sometime but probably not that small. Good work!

  3. I like these skyscrapers!

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