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I feel like I’m constantly saying things to our son like “show your work” for math class.  They recently were working on figuring out the volume of spheres, cubes, pyramids, etc. which involves knowing a lot of different formulas.  As a result, the teacher was telling them at school what I’ve been saying at home – write down the formulas at the top of your sheet before you take the test and then it will be fresh in your mind before you start to tackle the individual questions.

In fact, the teacher said she was so tired of having to say “write the formula” that she was going to get that made into a t-shirt and wear it to school.  In the meantime, I had bought a Brother Cut ‘n Scan way back in January, but when life happened I never got around to actually using it.  This seemed like a great excuse to see how it did with fabric.  Not as clean and crisp with the cuts as an Accuquilt, but overall I think it came out cute.  I debated whether to put the various mathematical symbols to the left and right of “the” and center it instead.  It was just for fun so there’s no right or wrong.  He’s going to take it into class with him tomorrow.  If she likes it, then I made it.  If she doesn’t, then I don’t know where he got that from – haha!


I thought I took some interim photos but apparently not. For quilting I did a left-right-left paisley and then feathers around it, similar to what I did on the pillow but no echoing this time.

And I went to our machine quilting bee tonight.  I forgot to ask if I could post photos so I probably shouldn’t share them here but there were some awesome quilts.  Someone mentioned DeLoa Jones’ book – DeLoa’s Sampler Solutions – for some great ideas for quilting sampler quilts.  Good to know for next time!

Another woman who makes these fabulous art quilts in our bee showed how she incorporated a faced backing on a quilt she’s showing at Paducah.  If you make art quilts in particular and haven’t seen this technique (I’m betting you have if you make art quilts so maybe this is for someone who’s interested in making art quilts), there is a great tutorial at http://www.terryaskeartquilts.com/Studio/tips-tutorials-and-more/my-new-favorite-quilt-facing-technique/ .

And our grand leader had a great suggestion for working our way across a quilt. It’s easy to get stuck in the wrong corner and do lots of backtracking when sewing straight across from one block to the next in a straight line.  Instead, she suggested looking at 2 rows.  On the top row, quilt block 1 as usual.  But then travel from there to row 2/block 2 and quilt it.  Then back to row 1/block 3.  Then row 2/block 4.  And so on.  When you’re at the end, row 2 now becomes row 1 and repeat.  It uses a lot less thread.  She is a professional long armer so I take to heart pretty much everything she says.

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  1. norma says:

    Great idea!

  2. Very cool math quilt! Glad your son scored some points with his teachers! Thanks for the link to the faced backing, I’ve bookmarked it for future use!

    1. Glad it can be put to good use at some point down the road!

  3. Oh! I can’t wait to see your birthday quilt!

  4. Deb says:

    I love it!!

  5. Very cute quilt. I like the design of your free motion quilting.

    1. Thank you!

  6. Brilliant! I love this! I so remember in school being told to “show my work” 🙂

    1. That’s the phrase I remembered too. I showed this to another math teacher last night and she said she used this one all the time, so I guess it depends on the teacher?

  7. That is such a lovely quilt and the story behind it made me smile.I had considered the Brother Scan n cut once but haven’t taken the plunge,would you recommend it? Thanks for the tips 😊

    1. I like it! I’ve heard it’s as soon as any competitors plus my model is wireless which is convenient. It’s good for the occasional applique although if that’s the only type of quilt I made, I might look into alternatives.

      1. Good to know, thank you

  8. Love your WTF wall hanging. I am sure it will be a huge hit with the teacher and you will get an A+ for that one. I also like that your doggy photo bombed your picture. 🙂 Sooo cute.

    1. Haha! Thanks! I didn’t even see that he snuck in that photo until I was reminded by someone else yesterday.

  9. That is one lucky math teacher!
    Every teacher is going to want one now.!

    1. You are a mind reader – she emailed me and said a couple other math teachers asked if I would make one for them. And then the PE teacher even said he liked it – I think she showed it to every teacher there today – haha!

      1. Mind reading is part of being a teacher!

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