Eat ’em up Kats!

The latest quilt wasn’t technically in my 2017 UFO pile – because I had bought the kit in 2016 at the quilt festival…and never even started it!  The kit wasn’t cheap; I think it was over $150 and only included enough fabric to make it 40×48. They call it a lap-sized quilt but that’s about…

Write the Formula

I feel like I’m constantly saying things to our son like “show your work” for math class.  They recently were working on figuring out the volume of spheres, cubes, pyramids, etc. which involves knowing a lot of different formulas.  As a result, the teacher was telling them at school what I’ve been saying at home…

Maybe Storm at Sea?

I am absolutely not planning to start sewing this anytime soon – and by soon I mean tomorrow – haha! No seriously, I won’t be sewing this in the near future; I have the final machine quilting block coming out on Thursday.  That same day is a Splendid Sampler block, and Amy Ellis has said…

Christmas quilt -done!

I am officially finished with the Sergeant Pepper Christmas quilt!  I sped through the binding – and yes, I did sew it by hand like I should have.  I had thought I would do a binding like what I used for the 1″ strips between triangles but it didn’t go well with the fabric on…

solar system – complete!

I washed and dried it after I quilted it and ended up with the perfect amount of crinkliness.  She doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or girl so I went with a neutral yellow on the back that went with the sun theme.

Haley’s comet

I tested out a few different thread types before deciding on this sparkly yard to sew Haley’s comet onto the solar system quilt.

more solar progress

4 rings are sewn on; I’m pinning the planets in place temporarily and will add them once all the rings are complete. I expected that the rings would break up the swirls in the fabric and create an illusion of the sky at night, and it looks like that’s starting to come out the way…

the sun is sewn

I made several different paper versions of the sun; this one was finally approved.

meteorological quilt

The daughter came home not long ago, asking if I could make a “meteorological quilt” for her science teacher who is due with her first child later this year.  In fact, unless there’s a surprise, it will be well past the school year has ended so going into it, there wasn’t a deadline to get…

baby quilt completed

The son gave his teacher the baby quilt as a Christmas present – she’s due next month with her first child.

baby quilt

The son’s math teacher is expecting her first child, a girl.  I thought it would be nice to give her a baby quilt for Christmas.  I like the colors in this because it’s bright and cheery!  I thought a chevron quilt had enough interest in it to keep a baby’s interest.