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20170407_091842I’ve learned a really important lesson from this particular quilting project.  Do not quilt a vertical  pattern on a quilt that needs to be continuous.  I suppose I could’ve done a series of feathers inside each section but since I started off working on one of the horizontal rows I didn’t think this through like I should have.  There’s been a lot of unrolling and rerolling which takes a lot of time.

I have 3 borders around this; here are all 3 together.  I saw an idea for a variation on piano keys that I’m going to try sometime where it’s 2 lines that are 1/4″ apart, and then a 1″ space to the next one, followed by the 1/4″.  I saw that somewhere today and it gave it a nice look.

20170407_144702I’m not very good at that candy stripe pattern.  This picture doesn’t show the worst of it but trust me – there are some parts of it that are pretty sketchy!

I did like the way the large medium purple came out.  I’ve been taking pictures as I go along because this particular border doesn’t go all the way around; it’s just in one section at the top and the bottom.  When I get to the bottom of the quilt, I’ll need to remember what I did up there, so pictures are my way of taking notes.

20170409_120638And finally, here’s my kitty hanging out where she should not be.  I don’t think she’ll do it again; she was trying to figure out how to get off of there when I caught her in the act! Our quilting bee is meeting at my house in a couple of weeks and I am moving out a twin bed I had in the room to make room for 15-20 people to sit in there instead, and I think she was looking for something to replace “her” bed.

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  1. norma says:

    I think the quilt looks bold enough to be a success despite your quilting worries. You have got along so well with that machine. I know people who’ve really struggled & I think I’d be with them – afraid to start.

    1. I think slowly but surely my quilting gets a little better with each project. I have some charity quilts that I need to quilt. Those are fun because I can try out whatever I want.

  2. Your posts are so informative and helpful.
    I learn something with each of your posts.
    Has the cat forgiven you for not consulting with her first?

    1. Haha! I think she has! I forgot to ever answer your question the other day. I’m a member of Tri County Quilt Guild, which is – surprisingly enough – named for 3 counties that most of the members come from.

  3. Deb says:

    You are going to get there on a perfect quilted quilt, for you aren’t going to let the mistakes overwhelm you. This quilt is going to be lovely mistakes and all.

    1. Thank you! My eyes are always about 12-15 inches away and any tiny miss looks huge at the time. I never can seem to overlook them until the entire quilt is done and then suddenly most of those little bobbles just seem to disappear.

  4. admcmasters says:

    Pretty kitty and lovely quilting. I like what you are doing with your quilting and it is such fun to follow you on your progress and hope I’m learning something in case I ever get my dream quilting machine. Good job!

    1. Thank you! I have really enjoyed learning how to use the long arm. I used to quilt just to get the batting and bottom attached to the top but now I really enjoy it for the process of quilting itself.

  5. Another purple quilt!! Yay! It’s beautiful!

  6. Can’t believe all the projects you do! And beautiful ones too!

    1. Thank you. Keeping very busy avoids becoming a couch potato as I get older.

      1. I can’t see you ever becoming a couch potato!

        1. Thanks. Never could watch anything all the way through.

        2. I can’t either!

    2. Thank you!

  7. This looks too complicated for me. I quilt on my home machine and start from the center out. This could be a nightmare. Looking good though. Think the cat has the right idea.

    1. I generally start at the top on the long arm, but I did actually start in the middle on this one and worked my way out, just like it’s done on a home machine since I hadn’t figured out what I wanted to do with the borders at the start.

      1. I learned how to use a long arm but just don’t have the room, so my machine is it. Did not try from the middle on the long arm.That could work well. Take care.

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