Geometric Quilt

20180927_1342566751839943767264666.jpgI should have big news the next time I have an update. Okay, I can’t wait. I’m starting a new venture.  I’ll be selling digitized quilting designs for computerized long armers.  Once I get about 1500 designs uploaded then I’ll also be adding in laser cut quilt kits. No time frame on that second part yet (I’m hoping for early 2019) but I have a website and some products uploaded for the digital quilting designs.  Right now I’m have the website cleaned up so that it looks professional. Then in October I’ll start a 6-month advertising campaign.  This should be a lot of fun!  This first picture has nothing to do with that of course. This was a long time ago, but I had converted our dining room into my sewing room which made a lot of sense because we don’t have a lot of formal dinners. Eventually from constant use, most of the light bulbs burned out. Who knew there are now LED chandelier lights! I replaced them and wow, wow, wow! I had thought about buying an Ott light but I’m thinking I may be able to skip that entirely because this room is super bright now. I love it!  If we ever move, I’ll have to switch those back out – haha!  I’ll send out another blog post once the website is ready for public viewing.

IMG_20180927_103632_205.jpgIn other news, our son came home the first week of school and said his geometry teacher was expecting a baby and it was a boy.  I stalked and I stalked and never did find a baby registry so I finally decided to make what I call a floor quilt. Not designed for a nursery since I didn’t know the theme but instead to put the baby on for tummy time and so forth. I think it”s roughly 40×60″. I used my Accuquilt dies to cut out several shapes then put the son to work to decide where to put each piece.  I used Steam-A-Seam-2 or something like that on the back, did a blanket stitch around each piece, designed a geometric all-over design to quilt on it and before too long I was done.  He took it to school this week (after I took it to our quilting bee!) and handed it off this week. She’s due next Sunday so at least I beat that. He said she peeked inside but didn’t open it so hopefully once she got it home she liked it but I have no idea. It was fun to include him in the project though!

20180928_140515406641069543293695.jpgAnd, just this afternoon I finished this quilt top.  It’s not really wavy at the bottom; I just didn’t pin it straight. A friend of mine contacted me a few months ago to see if I would make her daughter a quilt out of her late husband’s shirts.  This is a mixture of dress shirts (which are a blend of cotton and polyester), and golf shirts (very stretchy!) and some Moda blender fabric in the neutrals to go along with his white and “like white” shirts. She’s out of town right now but when she gets back we will meet at the quilt shop and pick out the fabric she wants for the back.  I’ve designed a loopy heart all-over pattern to quilt on it.  She’ll be giving it to their daughter either for Hanukkah or for her college graduation, both of which are in December this year.  Although this is a jelly roll, it’s not the easiest pattern ever because each piece is different from the one before.  The first 5-6 rows and the bottom 5-6 rows are easy enough but the rest was lots and lots of measuring and cutting. It’s designed to be a little free form. I was able to include several pieces which had logos from company shirts, etc.


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  1. sandradny says:

    Both of these quilts are wonderful! Great job!

  2. admcmasters says:

    Your baby quilt is spot on and the teacher should be writing you an enthusiastic thank you. It was a great thing to include your son in the making and I’m sure he was proud to take it to her. The memory quilt heart is also just right. Such a creative quilter you are!

  3. Congrats on your new business! The geometry quilt is so cool!

  4. Congratulations to you!! The geometric quilt is wonderful. Where did you find the background fabric?

    1. Texas Quilting says:

      I found it at my location quilt shop quite by chance! I bought the exact size I needed so I don’t have a selvage to refer to but I remember it was made by Moda.

  5. Congratulations on your new venture. The geometry quilt is such a great gift. The heart quilt is also very special.

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