home again, home again!

I receive a phone call this morning – my regular sewing machine was ready.  And as expected, all that was ever wrong with it was a simple fuse that was blown.  They told me I owed them 29 bucks, and I was on my way!


I was also talking to a friend who is getting ready to sew down the binding on her quilt; she said all she had left was to add the quilt label.  I saw an idea a while back for a quilt label that I used that is so easy.  Cut a 10″ square of a white/cream colored fabric.  Fold the top left corner down to the bottom right corner, making a right square triangle.  2 sides will be unfinished, and the angle side will be folded over.  Press in place, then sew the unfinished sides to the bottom right-hand corner of your quilt before you tack the binding down.  Voila!  The only side undone is folded over which means it’s finished off.  You can use a permanent marker to write whatever you want on it.


And if you have trouble getting an even binding width, watch this video.  It uses yarn in the middle.  I haven’t tried this yet but it looks absolutely brilliant to me!


I’m actually sewing an entirely different Lucy Boston block at the moment, but here’s my next one.  I’m trying to make sure they don’t all look too much like the one before it, so I’ll have the dark purple in the middle parts and not the corners. I think I’ve just about talked myself into using a solid white or cream with a medium grey solid for the sashing on these so that the blocks take center stage.

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  1. norma says:

    Glad you’ve got your machine back. Am really enjoying the Lucy Boston blocks: I love her patchworks and it’s good to see what you’re doing with her as an inspiration.
    Have you ever read any of her children’s books? I recommend them because they are magical like her patchworks.

    1. I haven’t – but I need to! I’ve heard great things about them.

  2. Those colours go nicely together. And it’s great that you got your machine back.

  3. treadlemusic says:

    So glad the missing/absent is now present!!!! Can’t wait to see the background “auditions”……..this is gorgeous!!!!!!

    1. Thank you! That reminds me that I need to buy that fabric.

      1. treadlemusic says:

        What can I say……I’m here for ya!!!!!! hehehe……………..

  4. Congrats on getting your machine back and I’m so happy for you that it was only a fuse!! btw, love all the hearts in your post!

    1. Thank you! I put her to use as soon as the work day was over.

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