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2016-07-09 15.05.38I heard the news the other day that a longtime friend was ill and in the hospital. What could I do?  I’m not a doctor, I’m not a family member; I don’t live close enough to count on for drives to the hospital.

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There are plenty of quilters in our circle, but 3 of us in particular were trading emails.  I thought out loud as we were trading text messages – I’m going to make him a quilt.  The next thing I knew, my phone was ringing.  “How can I help?  How about if we….” and then we had a team! Our other friend was out of town for the weekend but I think she understands that I was on a mission!2016-07-09 16.47.53 I happened to have a layer cake of neutral batiks that I’d bought for another project but then changed the plan so on a whim, I brought it with me.  In the meantime, we had each written down 20-25 verses from the Bible that we thought would have meaning to him.

We sewed and we ironed and we sewed some more and by mid-afternoon, we had a quilt top.  Next we sat down and wrote verses on most of the blocks.  Some refer to healing, some to faith, some to praise and worship.  In the end, we had it basted and now it’s ready for quilting. That part comes sometime after today – we were both wiped out after 8 hours of working on it.  And then we’ll take it to the family later this week if all goes according to plan.

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  1. Kristin says:

    What a beautiful idea!

    1. Thank you!

  2. Lisa E says:

    Great job & PS! I’m sorry I was not available to help. If you’d like me to bind it when quilting is done; I’d be happy to do so!

  3. sandradny says:

    What a lovely idea! I’m sure it will bring much comfort.

    1. Thank you!

  4. MrsCraft says:

    What a kind gesture. I’m sure it will mean a lot to them.

    1. Thank you; I think it will. It will probably be late this weekend when we meet up with them.

  5. reocochran says:

    This is definitely a way to help someone to feel better and lift their spirits. We each have gifts to share, I have found my drawings, paintings or spending time together. Your quilt will be a beautiful gift.

    1. My mom was a great painter; so was my oldest brother. You are so right; years later, I get so much enjoyment just from looking at various paintings in my house that my mom made specifically for me.

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