Maybe Storm at Sea?

20161129_115748.jpgI am absolutely not planning to start sewing this anytime soon – and by soon I mean tomorrow – haha! No seriously, I won’t be sewing this in the near future; I have the final machine quilting block coming out on Thursday.  That same day is a Splendid Sampler block, and Amy Ellis has said she plans to give us the next set of blocks later this week.  And Friday will be new blocks from Bonnie Hunter.

Ack. I’m seriously off topic here. I have a friend graduating with a master’s in May and wanted to make the snail’s trail quilt for the occasion.  I looked to see how much fabric I needed for the size I wanted to make it and headed to the quilt shop to buy creams and browns.  That means I came home with dark blue/green fabric and off-white fabric with cats in it.

20161129_124004_001.jpgI’m hanging out at the cutting table when I started chatting it up with another customer who mentioned she made a Storm at Sea quilt with snail’s trail blocks.  How did I forget that was on my list for “someday”?  I laid it out in EQ7 after looking at some photos and well…I think I’m going to go for it. The Accuquilt die makes 12″ blocks – I flipped over half of the fabric here to get an idea of the layout – so I’m going to make 24 with this fabric and then I’m going to throw in 1 with a total contrasting color in it.

In the meantime, I was going to crank out a very quick project today.  A poncho.  That was going fine for the first few minutes when the phone rang.  It was my sister.  Hey she won’t care if I sew and listen to her talk at the same time will she?  “I can hear you sewing in the background you know”.  Busted!  I at least got it laid out on the floor for the cat to sit on for the time being.

20161129_174820.jpgI was headed down the road today when I came across this vehicle in front of me at a stoplight.  I was sure that license plate said “H-Town Nag” but eventually figured out that’s not at all what they meant!

The logo to the left should help clarify what they really meant to say.

I fixed a few stitches on the Libs Elliott quilt and got it in the mail to Manhattan and dropped off the Christmas tree quilt to someone at our son’s school who has worked with him since he was in kindergarten. She was definitely surprised and I think she really liked it!

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  1. H Town Nag…hilarious!
    How many projects do you have going on at the same time?

    1. Well…let me count. Splendid Sampler, Amy Ellis sampler, Bonnie Hunter mystery; I’m about to wrap up machine quilting blocks. I’ll start Storm at Sea sometime after the new year most likely so I’m not counting that one. After Splendid Sampler wraps up I’ll start on patchwork of the crosses again.

  2. kathyreeves says:

    Storm at sea has been a pattern that catches my eye for a long time…they are stunning. You are so industrious! 🙂

    1. I’ll probably wait until the new year to start on it but I’m looking forward to it!

  3. I like the look of the snail’s trail design.

    1. You changed your picture! That’s a beautiful one (the last one was too!).

      1. I went with a younger one because my hair is about the same. If you want to know what I look like now, just add a few wrinkles and sags.

        1. Haha! The profile picture I use for work is one from about 10 years ago. Since I’m a telecommuter, my co-workers have no idea!

          1. Why not? Makes me feel young again.

            1. I totally agree! Great idea!

  4. How sweet that you made someone a Christmas Tree quilt! And H town nag is funny!
    That snails tail looks really cool.
    A poncho? Is there any end to your talents?? Um, I don’t think so! lol

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