Splendid Sampler layout

20161220_133324.jpgThe designer blocks aren’t in their final places but the setting blocks are pretty much finalized at this point.  I’m still trying to figure out where to put the final 13 blocks but now at least that I know the adjacent blocks’ colors it will actually make it easier to finish out the last dozen.  I finished up block 88 tonight, which is an embroidered block but it’s drying so I’ll post a photo tomorrow.

I decided to make the setting blocks semi-scrappy.  The 4 half square triangles that  encompass the designers’ blocks are all the same fabric and I repeat the 5 fabrics in order.  Using a variety of colors helped me even out some of the really blue blocks although I’m still working on that.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Like everyone here, Wow!! Beautiful and lots of work. 😉👍🏻

    1. Thank you so much!

      1. Jeanne says:

        Absolutely!! 😄💛

  2. Janie Kemp says:

    Hats off to you! What a huge work; it’s incredible. Love it!

  3. Love it!!! The quarter square triangles really make the squares shine!! I may have to do this for mine when I ever get it

    1. lol! just like my quilt! — ever get it done:)

    2. I don’t know if it’s easy to see but the dark colors around each block are the same (5 different fabrics in all) and then the light fabrics are scrappy. That was to help offer more variety in coordinating the other blocks with them.

  4. Lisa E says:

    Looks grrrreat!!

  5. anudge says:

    I like it.

  6. Deb says:

    My eyes are love in with what they see.😃

    1. Thank you!

  7. My jaw is on the floor. On-the-floor. You are amazing!

    1. Ha! Thank you! I’m glad I didn’t rush into the layout process or I might have done something else. This just seemed to fit for me.

  8. Wow! this looks amazing!! I’ve stumbled quite a bit on the SS blocks but I’ve saved all the patterns and hopefully I can pick it back up in Jan/Feb when I finish the two commissioned quilts in queue.

    1. Thank you! Hopefully the Christmas break will help give you some time to get some sewing in!

  9. admcmasters says:

    What a major undertaking! You have done a geat job on this and it is sure to be a loved treasure for a long time.

  10. treadlemusic says:

    That is looking really good!!!! A lot to take in to consideration!!!! I do like the bit of blue…………

    1. I thought I’d let it sit there for a week or so until I feel like I at least have the center blocks finalized.

  11. Amanda G says:

    I like it with the setting blocks. I might have to do the same.

  12. kathyreeves says:

    It’s going to be spectacular!! I’m going to set all of mine out sometime this week and get a feel for how they look together.

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