Finishing up 4 quilt tops

20181105_1628205309017118699225077.jpgI must’ve temporarily lost my mind when I signed up for this.  I have 3 tops finished with a 4th one almost ready and then my plan is to quilt them one right after the other…and then bind 2 of them and have facing on the other 2.  Oh and have all of that done by Christmas.  If you hear me say in January that I’m finally decorating for Christmas, you’ll know why!

I embroidered inside some of the diamonds with words, etc. that my friend gave to me. I haven’t trimmed this but you get the idea… There will be 2 wall hangings and 1 quilt with this design.

sm-diamonds-in-a-tunnel-17137184584306222949.jpgThen for good measure, I spent some time coming up with a design to quilt on them. I drew probably 20 designs on paper, plotted out half of them or more using the software until I settled on this one.  This actually does not have stitch in the ditch which will make it more forgiving but also gives it a pretty cool (I think) secondary design because I left the SID out. I am adding new designs pretty much every day at Posey Quilts.  And today I also did some prep work to begin selling laser cut applique kits.  If you are looking for a quilt design I’m including a 50% off coupon which can be redeemed by typing in the word “Holidays2018” when you are on the checkout page at Posey Quilts.

If you are interested in being a pattern tester once I start the laser cut kits, let me know on the contact page and I’ll let you know once we start that phase.

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  1. wb2332 says:

    What is pattern Testing? Is it related to embroidery or sewing/quilting and what us required to be a pattern tester?

  2. Texas Quilting says:

    The kits will all be precut applique pieces with fusible interfacing on the back which are sent in a package with the main fabric that’s ironed to and then sewn around, typically using a satin stitch, blanket stitch, or something similar. The test kits will include all the fabric needed to make the top. Each user supplies the backing (usually a remnant will do) and the backing fabric of their choice. It will need some quilting so a customer has an idea of what the finished product would look like but at that point it can be finished in whatever manner you like. For instance, it might be a bench pillow, wall hanging, etc. If you decided to make it into a pillow then it would need to be sewn around for instance but not quilted (although a pillow sham probably would).

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