fabric for Christmas!

My sister gave me fabric for Christmas – a girl after my own heart!  I also got some Cold Spell by Laundry Baskets made by Moda in their batik line.

trying out a quilt block

I’m not decided yet if this is the block I’ll make or not.  It’s from the batik fabric that I got for Christmas.  It’s a disappearing 9 patch but the organized version.  I can’t remember the exact name of it!

one final look

One last look at the purple quilt, to give an idea of the size.

all wrapped up

She liked it!  And wow was she ever surprised to get it for Christmas which was the best part of all!  We had her open it up as the very last present.

purple quilt under the needle

I’ll skip over the drama of basting a quilt that’s something like 105×105.  The top is pieced and sewn together and now it’s quilt, quilt, and quilt some more in time to get it under the Christmas tree!  She knows I’m working on it but has no idea I’m hoping to get it done this…

Take 2 on the purple quilt

We’re both in agreement now on the right fabric for the quilt.  I’m testing out another block to see if the daughter like it and if so, we’ll move on to actually making a quilt!

Mom’s quilt is completed

Whew.  Just in time for Christmas, considering I need to get it in the mail.  I tried out pretty much every quilting pattern I knew at some point.  There are circles and stars, bishop fans and arcs.  Circles, swirls, and squares.  There’s something different in each one. It helps a lot that I have a…

quilt in EQ7

After many variations and discussions, this is the final layout for the purple quilt.  I am on vacation through the end of the year so we’ll see if I get this done in time for Christmas.  She has a queen sized bed so no small feat.