Christmas table runner

I see an Accuquilt Go in my future.  Nobody’s got time for all that rotary cutting.

Sig Ep quilt finished

I used 100% cotton batting that allowed for minimal quilting, since I was concerned that too much stitching on the back would be rough on him.  Their colors are red, purple, and gold.  I don’t know if it’s obvious here, but the first border is purple and the second is a gold print.  Then the…

Sigma Phi Epsilon

I’m making a quilt for my brother; he doesn’t know about it or have a clue that I have this in the works.  He’s terminally ill with cancer and I noticed that whenever he’s on the couch, he’s always covered in a blanket.  I thought a nice comfy quilt with a flannel backing and minimal…

Reading blogs could be a never ending endeavor. Actually, just reading quilting blogs could do that on their own.  One of my favorites is Off Kilter Quilt which has been around for a long time!