college quilt is finished!

Yay!  It’s done!  Well other than washing and drying but someone else decided this exact moment was the right time to throw a load of dirty clothes into the washing machine.  I think I can manage that in the next month though! Save

priorities lead to productivity

I’m going to talk about how I make quick progress but first I have to show the quilt that I finished last night.  I think it was back in January when I was watching Quilt In A Day on TV when I saw this pattern. I realized I had 2 packages of Tonga Treats island…

Boden triangle challenge

I received some flowers for Easter a couple of days ago and thought they would look nice next to the piano, but I didn’t have a mat to put the vase on and I didn’t want to take a chance of getting water on the piano.  In the meantime, Pat Sloan posted a Boden quilt challenge ….


Who says you have to use solids for a Bargello? I was so glad I had a strip cutter die or I probably wouldn’t have made it. I ended up with 7 large loops made from 13 strips each so that was 91 strips that took a few minutes instead of half a day, plus…

solar system – complete!

I washed and dried it after I quilted it and ended up with the perfect amount of crinkliness.  She doesn’t know if she’s having a boy or girl so I went with a neutral yellow on the back that went with the sun theme.

one final look

One last look at the purple quilt, to give an idea of the size.

Mom’s quilt is completed

Whew.  Just in time for Christmas, considering I need to get it in the mail.  I tried out pretty much every quilting pattern I knew at some point.  There are circles and stars, bishop fans and arcs.  Circles, swirls, and squares.  There’s something different in each one. It helps a lot that I have a…

baby quilt completed

The son gave his teacher the baby quilt as a Christmas present – she’s due next month with her first child.

2 Thanksgiving table runners

I finished those in short order!  I did quite a bit of quilting – for me at least – on them and tried to make them different from each other.  We all live in different states but I figured they would receive them at the same time and if I had a mistake in one…

2 baby quilts finished

I put green flannel backing on one with yellow binding, then reversed that on the other – yellow backing with green binding.  I’m a twin and know how things go “missing” when we were given identical presents as children! I took them over to our neighbor’s house when they were done and was excited to…

Christmas table runner finished

I glue basted the binding on here right and quilted it after I took this photo and realized too late I never took a final photo, but you get the idea…