Worldwide Quilting Day!

I can’t speak for the rest of the nation, but the wind is blowin’ and goin’, I think I saw lightning and of course that must mean it’s trash day. I always feel guilty about setting the trash out on rainy days – why make that job any harder than it already is for the guys?

But in other news, it’s national quilting day, otherwise known as the 3rd Saturday in March. Some ideas to celebrate it from the National Quilting Association include doing service work (always a good idea!), teach a simple project to youth, do a show and tell with a local seniors group (or assisted living, or memory care facility would be great too).

Since I didn’t plan ahead, I might do something for my own family – and clean up all the scraps on my sewing room floor so they don’t have to wonder if a tornado passed through!

Did you know this day has its own website?  It’s true – .


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  1. What a fantastic day!

    1. I actually got a lot of quilting done – and cleaned up the room as well!

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