Bloom block 13

2016-04-12 15.54.31I really need to figure out some good spots to take photos sometime, since I take so many! This window faces south and it was after work when I finished it which means it had artificial lighting.  If you’re following Lori Holt’s Bloom sew-along then you know what it looks like.

My neighbors were getting their roof replaced yesterday – wow do those guys move fast! I think they may have finished the entire job start to finish in one day.  I trekked down to pick up my car which meant I was back on track for yesterday’s lunch errands.

Our son is on a number of regular monthly prescriptions and the big name drugstores don’t stock what we need for him, so once a month I make the trip to a family owned pharmacy a few miles away.  All well and good – except – it’s 2 doors down from one of 3 local quilt shops.  Oh the temptation!  And they’re so friendly and helpful every time I’m in there, and I think every single employee in there is a member of the same quilt guild as me so I’m sure there’s some sort of invisible magnet that pulls me in there every time.

I said I was interested in working on some fussy cutting for this patchwork of the crosses pattern. That’s all I needed to say and voila! She led me straight to bolt after bolt after bolt of small but striking prints that would be perfect.  And they have pre-cuts in pretty much all of them!  I restrained myself and only bought 3.  Next step – figuring out what the other 3 fabrics should be for this particular block.

Oh and a little boy was playing with my phone and thinks he may have deleted some of the people I follow on Instagram; if I deleted you, please let me know so I can add you back in!

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  1. norma says:

    I like the fussy cutting in your block. I went to Lucy Boston’s house to see her patchworks – fussy cutting par excellence.

    1. Wow, I would love to do that sometime! I’ve decided it’s an art form in itself finding the “wow” pattern in a fabric. It’s not always the obvious choice but rather how lines, curls, etc. play against each other in the connecting pieces.

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