Block 100 – Centered

20170212_153501.jpgI did it!  100 blocks!  And this one wasn’t as easy as it looks, thanks to 3/4″ squares in the light blue corners.  I thought for some reason that Pat had the last block so I figured it would be applique but this one is actually by Kate Spain.

I wonder how many dies I used my Accuquilt dies on?  I sure tried to use it on most of the patchwork blocks.  I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but initially, I thought this was an entire quilt of appliqued blocks – so I bought an entire bolt of Heat ‘n Bond.  Looks like another applique quilt will be in my future since I only used a fraction of it – haha!

20170212_155253.jpgI went all out and bought a storage setup from Target yesterday to hold some of my dies. I also moved my books and magazines over to put on top which frees up more space on my table.  I don’t have the strip dies here so hopefully at some point I’ll figure out a handy way to store those.  The dies need to be stored upright so that the blades in them don’t bend and once there’s more than a couple in the stack, it gets pretty heavy!

20170212_155034.jpgI actually sewed a small handful of blocks together before we left for plans at a friend’s house this evening.  This isn’t the exact layout but it’s probably pretty close.  I decided to sew left to right starting in the middle.  Then I’ll sew the row above it and the row below it and so forth.  That way if I see a block that I’ve reconsidered having it close to the center, I’ll have options available to move it to another space.

I’m leaning toward a 2″ and then 5″ border, or perhaps flip-flopped.  That will get me to a 99×99″ quilt which is good for a queen sized bed.  I’m also going to piece some of the back.

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  1. Wow! Congrats!! on making it to 100!

    1. Thank you! I am not making my next quilt out of 6″ blocks – you heard it here first!

  2. norma says:

    This looks wonderful.

  3. Peggy Brown says:

    So much work!! And great job on most of your points! Not a challenge I want to take on! Doing a 70 block quilt – modern – have about 25 to go and that’s enough
    : > )

    1. That is a lot of blocks! My husband, over the past year, kept asking me when I was ever going to be done with it. I think it will be a while before I sign up for anything that takes a year again but it was fun to say I finished it.

  4. shenaniganspamblog says:

    What a great accomplishment! I hope to say I get all of them done some day!

    1. It will take some time, but it’s worth it! For me, I found that if I set a goal for myself – i.e., get block # 37 done by next Thursday, etc. then that helped me stay motivated the entire year.

  5. kathyreeves says:

    Looking great! I just finished the first border on no. 4, it is a great feeling to be nearly to the quilting stage!!!

    1. I really love what you did with yours!

      1. kathyreeves says:

        After two queen sized quilts this fall I just wasn’t up to manhandling another one, and it will be fun to surprise the people who will get them! A happy solution all around😊

        1. I know what you mean – my niece asked for a queen sized quilt for her birthday. So I have yet another one coming up soon. I think I did one mini in the entire last 12 months.

          1. kathyreeves says:

            I’m coming to Texas to play on your long arm!!!!😆 I’ll have to make an appointment though, with all those quilts in the queue!!

            1. I will clear mine off and let you quilt – any time – just name the date! That’s what I love about doing this just as a hobby. No stress, no “real” deadlines other than ones I impose on myself.

  6. Wow and congratulations! What a quilt and all those blocks (you are my block-making hero!!) 🙂

    1. I am bound and determined to quilt this and call it finished before moving ahead on any other quilts. But my game plan is to totally switch gears and make a quilt for a May birthday and also for a friend whose husband just died. Then I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled program!

      1. So sorry about your friend’s loss.

        1. Thanks. It was such a shock – he choked on a bite when he and his wife were out celebrating Valentine’s day. He lived a few more days but it was just too long that he went without oxygen to his brain. I just feel so sorry for everyone who was with him that night that tried so hard to help with the Heimlich maneuver, etc. but in the end couldn’t save him.

          1. Oh how terribly sad, that is so unfair…

            1. Yes, it was hard to comprehend. My friend is also in our quilt guild so I’m going to see if I can pick her up for the meeting this week so we can catch up.

  7. It looks great! So much work. I bet you’re glad that one is done.

    1. Yes! I am glad to stamp that one as “done”!

      1. I bet. It’s a good feeling.

  8. admcmasters says:

    Great job, and I’m so pleased for you to be on the home stretch of getting it completed.

    1. Thank you!

  9. Beautiful work!

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